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Self confidence & Codependency

Codependency, represents one of the symptoms of low self confidence.

For many it's an unknown. But almost a high rate of the adult population suffers from codependency.

Codependence is an emotional condition and behavior that is learned. It manifests a relationship addiction, dependence, and this is a symptom of low self- confidence.

The problem is that it creates a destructive relationship with others because it's abusive.

One of the symptoms of low self-confidence is codependency.

A codependent person tends to forget himself and focuses on the problems of others. Want to rescue the others but as you deny yourself, live fustrate and resentful. The codependent is afraid of being abandoned by it believes it's better to feel needed.

Causes of codependency

Some causes of codependency are:

1.Was born into a family where there the person was emotional abuse, psychological, physical or sexual abuse.

2.Was raised in a family where addiction problems were resolved such as drugs or alcohol.

3.Where avoided discussions, they waited for perfection, repressed feelings. And the famous mentality: "Do what I say but not what I do".

4.Or where for some reason, one of the members failed to take his role, and this role was occupied by someone ( codependent now) who assumed responsibilities that did not belong, being the development of the person caught in the moment that this happened.

Some symptoms of codependent:

• A strong need to give more than they receive. Think others are more important. They feel fear of abandonment then try to please everyone. The needs of others are more important than theirs.

• They are easily hurt if no one reconize theirs efforts. They always say after what I did .... ".
This behavior arises because they feed their self-confidence to feel needed and recognized by others. Codependents seek constant approval of others. If not recognized become resentful and insecure.

• Always feel guilty when they are assertive and express their thoughts and feelings. Very deeply think, should not have said that ... How are afraid of being abandoned or rejected, they think if they express their feelings and others do not like it, leave. Codependent people think they have to be submissive and passive. Devalue themselves, lowering their self-confidence to prevent rejection.

One of the characteristics of codependency is excessive concern for others but not themselves. Trying to fix other people and change them feel responsible for others and handle relationships with guilt.

Codependency has to feel a need to please others all the time.

Do you feel that you identify with any of these symptoms?.
Are you too worried about what others think of you?

In co-dependency, the person is dependent on a partner who in turn presents an addictive behavior, see alcoholism, gambling, workaholism, addiction to other drugs, etc ...

Anyone who feels affected by codependency always part of the misconception that can and must rescue his partner from the addictive disorder which is, and this is because the codependent need to fill an emotional void, and makes dealing with anyone else.

Also in the emotional co-dependency need not be a problem of addiction in the other partner.

Overcoming Codependency

1.Increase self-esteem by focusing on your talents, sense of humor and creativity.

2.If people don't ask for your help don't try to help them.

3.Be assertive, express your thoughts and feelings in healthy ways.

4.Listen people you love without giving advice.

5.Consult a professional life coach on this subject can bring you a new perspective on it. And you can start working to overcome.

But above all else begins to realize that your own life is worth and that your needs are important.

Learn to set limits and release your need to fix the problems of all people is part of the change.

Any questions on this subject, please write to me, see me or contact me.

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